The Top 10 Badminton Brands

A quality racquet enhances every badminton game. Whether you play badminton for fun or are a serious competitor, the right racquet is key to your enjoyment of the sport.

A badminton racquet is a small investment, so make sure that you choose the right one. Before you make any purchases, take some time to ponder over the features of the top badminton brands.

Selecting the perfect badminton racket for you

Racquet selection is a test of patience. Using one that is too heavy or light can spoil your enjoyment of the game.

1. Balance

When choosing a badminton racquet, consider balance. Beginning players will do better with a head light rather than a head heavy racquet. The latter is suitable for playing challenging games and delivering powerful smashes. A head light racquet, with a lighter frame, is easier for a new player to manipulate.

Shaft Flexibility

Take shaft flexibility into account as well. It refers to how stiff a racquet is.The greater your swing speed, the more you will gain from a racquet that has a thick shaft.

The Top Ten Badminton Brands

An endless range of badminton related products flood the sporting goods market. They spoil players for choice. Here are ten of the best badminton brands to date.

1. Yonex

Yonex makes this top ten list because of quality innovation and manufacturing. The company comes up with some of the world's best badminton racquets.

Yonex is the renowned sponsor of the All England Badminton Championships. As a partner in the World Badminton Federation, it ensures the smooth running of the World Badminton Championships.

If you want a racquet that guarantees power, stability and speed, get yourself a Yonex. The racquets in the Arcsaber series exude power. Designed to flex on the point of impact, they hold shuttlecocks on their frames for longer. These racquets suit both novice and expert players.

You can restring Yonex racquets to give you the support you need when playing. They are firm favorite among avid badminton players.

2. Carlton

Carlton has been a force to reckon with in the badminton industry since 1946. It has gained recognition for producing superior quality, durable racquets.

In 2009, the company introduced the Carlton Badminton System. There is scientific proof that this systemic approach to manufacturing badminton racquets improves play. The company lists, among its top-notch creations, the Carlton Razor, Isoblade, Ignite, and Vapor Trail. Top players like Gail Emms and Nathan Robertson have sworn by Carlton racquets for years.

3.Li Ning

Located in Beijing, Li Ning has garnered fame as a leading manufacturer of sporting goods in China. A quick search of badminton racket reviews on the internet will reveal that the head-light Li Ning Woods 80 is a top choice among new players.

The company has become a trusted source for badminton rackets in the United States. It manufactures all kinds of sporting products, including shoes, bags, and clothes. Its best-selling products include the Li Ning Flame N50 II, the Li-Ning HC 100A, and the Li-Ning UC 3500.

4. Fleet

Fleet, a Malaysian enterprise, is a top producer of badminton rackets in the South East Asian region and beyond. The company's focus on marketing, research and servicing have pushed it to the forefront of the badminton industry.

The company was the first to produce the 88 single-pass grommet holes light carbon racquet. It has more grommet holes, which make it more durable. Top players recommend the Fleet Top Power 130 and The Fleet Woven 8000.

5. Forza

Since its establishment in 1990, Forza has become the leading badminton brand in Denmark. It obtained the industry's seal of approval when it signed a contract with the Danish Elite Division Clubs.

The company offers quality products as alternatives to Asian badminton brands. The Titanium, Light, Power, Fusion, and Legend racquet series provide star players with power beyond anyone's imagination.

Two of its best products are the Forza Kevlar CNT-X Power 10000 and the Forza N-Forze 3000 X-treme Light. The former gives you dynamic smashing power while the latter improves your contact and speed.

6. Victor

Victor is one of the leading manufacturers of badminton racquets worldwide. The company has one of the largest shuttle factories in the world. It sponsors many of the world's best players, including Gao Ning, Yang Wei, and Zhang JiWen. The Korean and Phillippine National Teams use their racquets.

Its products give athletes playing power. The Victor Brave Sword 12, a lightweight racquet at only 3.3 oz, is perfect for delivering powerful smashes. The Meteor X90, a racquet made of carbon graphite, is a durable, accurate racquet made for experienced and novice players alike.

7. Karakul

An established European brand, Karakul originated in Belgium in 1978. Its esteemed founder was the late Roger Vercambre.

A member of the cat family, the Karakul is a relative of the Lynx. Karakul, in Turkish, means Black Ear. The black-eared karakul inhabits the desert areas surrounding Africa, Arabia, Southwest Asia and Turkey. People identify the Karakul logo and the brand in an instant.

Some of its prominent creations include the Karakul B65f and the Karakul M70ff. These rackets complement more dynamic playing styles.


Yehlex, a Taiwanese trademark, is the brainchild of the Yeh family from Kaoshiung, Taiwan. It manufactures badminton, tennis and squash sporting equipment.

The company only introduced four badminton racquets when it first started. It now has 24 production lines and 24 different racquets.

New to the Yehlex family is the Yehlex YX-3000X. It has increased racquet head return speed, which allows it to smash shuttlecocks faster. There is also the YX7000 Hyper Slim Shaft, which improves accuracy and control.

9. Ashaway

British company Ashaway commits itself to producing the best sporting goods. It is the distributor of Ashaway, Black Knight, and Volkl racquets.

One of its newest products, the Ashaway Superlight Phantom, has an eye-catching design and a smooth matt finish, quite unlike other racquets on the market. It will allow you to deliver unstoppable serves.

Ashaway's Atomic series is a huge draw. Each of the rackets in this series features HEX frame technology. The modulus graphite racquets complement different playing styles.

10. Wilson

Wilson is one of the most identifiable sporting goods brands in North America. Its trademark W makes it stand out immediately.

The company has developed countless strategies to improve an athlete's performance, efforts that have taken decades of diligence. It has emphasized innovation since 1913.

Its latest product, the Zone X60, is a light racquet that novice players can grasp. Its counterpart, the Strike, lets experienced athletes deliver heart-stopping performances.

You will find the right racquet to take to the badminton court among these recommendations.

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