Best Badminton Rackets

It's almost summertime again. Warm weather means the return of some of our favorite outdoor sports, including badminton. Badminton is an ancient game that people have been enjoying for almost 2000 years. It was popularized by the Duke of Beaufort in the 1800s. Named after the Duke of Beaufort's sprawling estates, badminton has been a favorite past time for many. The game is beloved for its simplicity and because it is easy to set up almost anywhere. It is also a well-liked Summer Olympic Sport. If you are looking to get some shuttlecock action in this summer, you'll most likely need a new racket. Here are the top seven rackets you should check out before you buy.

7. Mega Power Woods N90 III by Li-Ning

This racket is designed for heavy-hitting offensive players with a lot of power in their swing. This racket is great for accurate, high powered hits. The Woods N90 III was made famous when gold medalist Lin Dan smashed his way to the top with his rocket of a racket. If you're looking for top-level heavy-hitters, this just might be the racket for you.

6. Duora 10 by Yonex:

This racket is quite amazing! It comes in two different weights: one for those of us who want a heavier head and one those who are looking to keep things lighter. The design is Yonex's amazing BOX design, helping to cut down on air resistance and make your swing smooth and powerful. The racket also comes in two attractive colors: a dark, forest green and a vibrant orange.

5. Brave Sword 12 by Victor:

Victor's Brave Sword 12 is a very well balanced racket. The light graphite and resin body is quick to swing and has low air resistance. This model is all about speed in your swing. Named after how "cuts through the air like a sword," the Brave Sword will help those who suffer from arthritis or joint pain because of its super lightweight design. This racket is also designed well now matter where you are standing in the court.

4. Nanoray 10 by Yonex:

This is the best beginner level racket available. It was meant as an entry level racket, both in design and in price. It is both extra long and extra light, giving the beginners the little bit more they might need to help learn and perfect their game. The carbon fiber body is also durable. Although the racket is not designed for power players and calls for a little more finesse, it's a perfect gift for someone just getting into the game or someone who is not a serious player.

3. Nanoray 800 by Yonex:

We are digging this super slim, long shaft on this racket! The head of this racket is very light, making it the perfect model for light-handed, speedy players. The sweet design also gives you a little additional rebound. The lightness of the racket comes from a titanium alloy called Sonic Metal that brings the speed you need to land surprise attacks against your opponents and return smashes with fast accuracy.

2. Voltric 7 by Yonex:

Yonex definitely makes some great products. This racket is attractive, reasonably priced, and great for any level. This racket is the one of the best rackets you can buy for those new to the game. Indeterminate players will find the attractive design appealing and the medium tension in the netting will work for either heavy-hitters or lighter finesse players. The heavy head will help to give that extra little push for your shots, putting some extra speed behind each of your swings. The Voltric 7 is not the best racket on the market, but it is the absolute best intermediate racket you can buy while still keeping yourself on budget. These rackets run a little over $100, as opposed to some other, better hitters that just might be out of reach price-wise.

1. Arcsaber Z Slash by Yonex:

If you are really into badminton and want to up your game, this is the racket for you. The racket is heavier than most, and definately fit for pro-level badminton players. Yonex went all out on this amazing model, trying to come up with a racket that gives you almost zero air resistance. The frame is thin and uses what Yonex calls Carbon Nanotubing to help keep the shape of the racket intact and durable. The Arcsaber Z-Smash feels very different from most rackets. So a potential downside is having to practice to get used to the new feel. However, if you really love the game and are looking for a well-made racket to help step it up, the Arcsaber deserves your consideration.

If you are looking for a great new racket to start a new season, this list is a great place to start. Make sure to shop for your new favorite racket based on your play style and level, rather than whatever the salesperson at the store recommends. In the end, the perfect racket is what feels good in your hand and is affordable to you. Now it's time to hit the court!

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