How to Choose the Best Badminton Bag

Badminton Bags

Maintaining your badminton gear in perfect shape and serviceable condition is vital to your sporting accomplishment on the court. You want to get the longest meaningful use of your gear in an easy and comfortable way. The way you handle your precious accessories is essential in attaining these goals. The badminton bags you carry them in play a vital role in keeping with your sporting needs on and off the pitch. It is therefore crucial to consider the functional and aesthetic attributes of excellent badminton bags.


Badminton bags are designed with the chief aims of carrying and preserving your equipment. Generally, these bags are constructed of durable yet pliable material. The material should be highly resistant to tearing, quick drying, and rot resistant. Non-fading polyester is the popular external material of choice. Whatever the material of your badminton bags, avoid placing sharp objects as these may cause punctures or tears which will be aggravated by ordinary use.


Badminton bags are made to suit the user’s handling preferences while adapting to content specifications.

There are two main configurations; backpack and duffel bags. Backpack models conveniently enable you to perform other tasks with your hands while on the move. A down side is the limitation of size and consequent capacity. Duffel bags are easy to weave through congested spaces and add a touch of style on the move. They are longer and so are able to wholly contain the racquets from end to end. Besides you can fit in that extra pair of shoes, or accommodate more towels for that hot encounter. They also give ease of access unlike backpacks which may require a little time to unstrap from the back.


Badminton equipment is delicate to a point. The internal volume of your badminton bags must be capable of offering not just ample space but protection as well. As a prerequisite to this demand, your bag should be built around a semi-rigid profile to safeguard your equipment against breaking shocks and crushing external pressures. Shoving badminton bags into storage racks/ cargo bays in buses or trains may especially subject the racquets to damage. Badminton bags ordinarily conform to a racquet-shaped profile, though the end corresponding to a racquet handle isn’t that thin. The stiffening material employed within your bag is best if both durable and flexible. It is inadvisable to carry fragile objects such as glasses within.


You may perhaps want to carry differently colored racquets for different playing moods, or racquets with dissimilar handles for that unique reach. Badminton bags come with allowances for multiple racquets, and this characteristic manifests in the overall size thus capacity of the bag. There are racquet capacities ranging from three, six, nine and even twelve racquets. The pick of size is up to your wants like having that extra change of costume that goes into an expanded compartment.


Good ergonomic straps are just great when you have to lug your bag for a longer distance. Carrying Straps ought to attach to the badminton bags in optimum positions that afford load balance when in use. A skewed duffel and shifty backpack is quite irritating as one has to keep adjusting the annoying grip.The shoulder sling should be amply padded for the Backpack bag type. The optimum Straps and handles should be customizable to suit different heights and hand sizes, so look for buckles on the straps or adjustable hand grips on your bags. Badminton bags as a rule must also feature straps to hang and suspend at home for storage.Carrying and handling should be as easy as you want it to be.


The essentials provision for all badminton bags is to carry racquets, shuttlecocks, ball and grips. (The racquet compartment gives badminton bags their definitive shape) But there are other accommodations that a bag has to make. It would be impractical to take your items like wallet and phone with you to the action. Your bag is where to leave them, so it should best have designated pockets stitched on the inside of one large partition with smooth durable lining to handle these and other items such as a water bottle. Keeping your articles separately introduces neat ness, order and ease of placement and extraction.


Virtgually all badminton bags are fitted with zippers as the means of closing and opening. Other less popular alternatives are Velcro strips and toggles. The zipper is superbly versatile in comparison, but it is also a major focus of concern in bag owners. An utter zipper failure would render your bag unusable. Loss of contents on the move has been occasioned too as a result of zipper tracks coming accidentally undone. For freedom from frustrations stemming from jammed zipper to unusable ones, be careful to choose badminton bags with resilient top-notch zippers

You definitely want badminton bags to be durable, comfortable and presentable as you will always have them around; whether going out to that competitive tournament or when playing to keep your gaming skills up to date. Choose smartly.

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