Equipment Needed to Play Badminton

Can you imagine a life without sports? Seems too boring, right? We have produced some fantastic outdoor sports to have fun and score high on health and fitness. One such game is badminton. Badminton is the fastest racket sport where a shuttle moves at the pace of 200 mph. Regulars in this sport are too quick and run up to a mile in a match. That tells us the tale of the impact that just a single game of badminton has on our body.

So are you serious about badminton? If so, your quest starts with collecting the basics. Whether a beginner or a pro, we all need the right sports equipment for skill development and safety. So here we would discuss the basic and vital things you need to play regular badminton. Here we go.

A Badminton Court

Now, that's no brainer. The very first thing you would look for is a place to set up a badminton court. So you need to find a place that's large enough to accommodate a badminton court, and you can fulfil all the demands of it.

As per the badminton rules, the court is 44 feet by 20 feet rectangle divided into two halves by a centre line. The outlines of the court act as the long service line for singles and sidelines for doubles game. The sidelines for the singles game would be 11/2 feet from the outlines. There also are lines on either side 6 1/2 feet away from the centre line. These are short service lines. Finally, a line running from short service line to the backward outline separates each side of the court in left and right halves.


You can't pull this off without a badminton net. The game requires a 2 1/2-feet wide net fixed 5 feet high over the centre line. A server serves the shuttle over this net, and both players need to make the shuttle cross this net without a touch. So the net is an integral part of the game and playing without it would be no fun. Badminton nets are often a vinyl mesh and have leather or cotton tops.


So the court is all set? Next, get to the most valuable personal equipment for a badminton player. I mean, it's impossible without at least two rackets. Badminton rackets are cast of lightweight and durable materials like steel, aluminium, and carbon fibre. Standard rackets can't be longer than 26.77 inches, wider than 9.06 inches, and heavier than 3.2 oz. The thickness of racket strings should range from .03 inches. Get the best product supporting the above norms.

4. Shuttlecocks

The shuttlecock is another must ingredient in the recipe of badminton. This is the target you have to hit at and volley over the net to the other half of the court. The original shuttlecock used in competitive sport is made from 16 real bird feathers preferring the ones from the left wing of the goose. You can also get the plastic shuttles to play at home or neighbourhood.

5. Badminton Shoes

You can't run and move well without a nice pair of sports shoes. Shoes have always had a high value in sports and so is the case with badminton. Badminton shoes are different from regular shoes and hence you need to be attentive while choosing them. Your shoes must let you move fast and stop right when it's needed. So the right shoe would be lightweight and offer a good amount of traction and grip. Cushioning is also important to absorb the impact of your jumps.

6. Attire

There's a reason why sports have specific attires. There are swimwears for swimming and shorts for badminton. Wearing right in the game makes it easy and safe for you to play. For badminton games, you need nothing more than a nice pair of shorts and a cotton or dri-fit t-shirt. You can also include wrist bands hand grips and ankle guards as per your needs and likes.

Wrap Up

Badminton is a beautiful game. If you choose to play the sport daily, it benefits your mind body and soul. It's like a perfect combination of fun and exercise. So if you do decide to have a go, find the right court and enter with the right gear.

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